The loop, or WordPress loop or simply loop, is PHP code that displays WordPress posts. The loop is used in WordPress themes to display a list of posts in a web page.

Inside the loop there are some functions that are run by default to display posts. Theme developers can format the output by using template tags to customize how each post inside the loop is displayed. There are several Template tags that work only inside the WordPress loop and can be used to format, arrange, and publish post data. The WordPress loop is arguably one of the most important aspects of the WordPress code and at the core of most queries in one way or another.

The Loop extracts the data for each post from the WordPress database and inserts the appropriate information in place of each template tag. Any HTML or PHP code in The Loop will be processed for each post.

You can use the Loop for a number of different things, for example to:

  • display post titles and excerpts on your blog’s homepage;
  • display the content and comments on a single post;
  • display the content on an individual page using template tags;

What is WordPress Loop?

WordPress loop is php code. That displays WordPress posts. The Loops is used in WordPress Themes to display a list of photos in a web page. The WordPress loop arguably is one of the most important aspect of WordPress.

How does it work?

Inside loops there a some functions that are run by default to display posts.

<?php the_title(); ?>
<?php the_date(); ?>
<?php the_category(); ?>
<?php the_content(); ?>
<?php the_excerpt();?>
<?php the_author();?>

What does a loop display?

The loop will display a specific amount of information in a list on a page like blog preview, home page etc. It all depends on the tags that you use to display the data.

Example of loop code

Loop code
Another example of WordPress Loop